SEA & SKI GREECE: The heliski world has just gotten bigger, and what a jewel the latest addition is. When most think about Greece, they think beaches and lots of sun, which is true in the summer months, but what most do not realize is that Greece is a very mountainous country and it gets a lot of snow in the winter. Mt. Olympus raises 2,917 m straight up from the Aegean sea making it one of the biggest vertical raises in all of Europe, it has 52 summits and its known to snow at sea level which means some serious vertical can be had here. The other area we heliski at is the Pindus Mountains, the area is 40 km wide and 160 km long and has some of the best skiing terrain we have ever seen and believe us, we have been around. The area is so big we could ski here for 10 years and never ski in the same place twice.
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Tyler Ceccanti and Josh Bibby are at it again, this time making turns on one of the most famous mountains in history, Mount Olympus.
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These areas also receive a lot of snow, in mid January 2012 both Olympus and the Pindus had a 2 meter base, we went back to Chamonix where it was dry and minus-40 for the following 3 weeks, in this time it snowed 3 meters in Greece, which is incredible, who would have thought Greece of all places had this kind of snow and mountains. It's our belief Greece will become one of the better and more exciting heliski destinations out there. Add the Greek atmosphere known for its love of life, a sunset apres ski cocktail cruise in the Aegean sea and you have one of the most unique heliski trips in the world. Take a look at the pictures on the website as they speak for themselves, its sure you'll be surprised...


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